Tax & Administrative Law

Our advice and practice areas include:​

  • Taxation (corporate & personal)
  • Public sector issues & disputes
  • Public contracts
  • Compliance
  • Seashore and beach exploitation & construction issues
  • Customs law & regulation (rules, procedures, regulatory compliance and fines)
  • Environmental law and licensing
  • Settings for exports and imports and tax issues
  • Construction on the sea and the seabed and floating docks, marinas, etc.
  • Seashore & Beach issues relating to property and construction
  • Forest Law & relating issues
  • Exploitation of natural resources, licensing and legal provisions

With regards to tax, our team of lawyers and associate professionals (accountants, chartered accountants, auditors, financial advisors etc.) have excellent reputation for high quality, sound tax advice and innovative tax planning, as well as extensive experience in negotiating and handling tax disputes.

Our clients are involved in a wide range of business interests including the property, shipping, industrial and trading sectors. We assist them with all aspects of cross-border development, from establishing their initial foreign representative office to joint venture agreements and full-scale mergers and acquisitions. Through close co-operation with specialists in international fiscal law in Greece and abroad, we are able to assist our clients in structuring their national & international cross-border activities in the most tax-efficient manner.