About us

We are specialists with a really genuine passion for law and our clients` business and with the experience to get to the heart of your issues fast.The professionals of our team handle your case personally, guiding you from the moment you pick up the phone until we reach a satisfactory conclusion. We want you to feel free to call us at any time, whether you need to discuss an urgent issue, talk through a long-term project or kick around your strategy for making the most of an opportunity or dealing with a problem. We know that our business must work for your business, so we offer exceptional value, whether you want in-depth advice or to discuss your case and ideas. We always aim to resolve issues rapidly, wherever possible, which is another way of saving you both time and money.We can also tailor our services to suit you – a retainer or a fixed price for one-off projects.

It’s a five star service, which puts you in touch with the best brains and helps you to make the best-informed business decisions, reduce risk, save management time and maximise your gains.

DIKAION LAW has an unparalleled network of contacts, business relations and professionals of other sectors you may need in implementing your business projects or resolving your contentious matters – civil engineers, naval architects, architects, consultants, sales & marketing professionals, real estate agents, technical & expert consultants, insurance brokers, sale & purchase brokers, adjusters and average adjusters. We have worked closely with the professionals we choose and we know them personally. We have established co-operations with fellow firms and offices in almost all parts of Greece (Athens, Kavala, Volos, Crete, Rhodes) as well as in the UK, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Monaco, Korea, Singapore and many more. You need not travel for your business; we bring far away business to your doorstep.

Our aim is to create a single point of contact for you; we act locally but with a national and international perspective and reach.