Employment Law

Greek Employment & Social Security Law is complex and has been significantly modified over the past five years and is still being modified bringing new rules in the social security of company members and shareholders of over 3% that also participate in the company management. All these changes underline the need for a professional and strategic handling of corporate employment matters. The new era in labor relations brought by the IMF requirements after 2009, labor reserve and the incentives provided to the employers for the stimulation of employment are issues that should be carefully addressed by qualified specialists and considered thoroughly especially when foreign investment in Greece is contemplated.

Cutting labour & social security costs and restructuring employment relations have proved to be of utmost importance to a company’s viability and success. Further, each sector of the economy (shipping, touristic industry, services etc.) may be under significantly variable employment law rules & provisions and in order to properly address the employment scheme issues every enterprise in Greece should seek expert advise to avoid unpleasant surprises and severe repercussions that may evolve even five years after the end of the employment relationship.

We handle all these issues and further also handle employment compensation and benefits matters both at the contractual level and also with respect to contentious matters (litigation and alternative dispute resolution).

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