From Vision to Reality

In 2012 a foreign investor, a private wealth client of our firm until then, came to us with a dream, his Vision:

To create a Villa Complex for touristic exploitation in Greece with a business plan combining The Bahamas private estates to The Maldives feeling in Europe.

The Location:

A small island of 3.2 square klm in Northern Greece with no public transport connection to the mainland, no public port or marina, no electricity and water network infrastructure.

The Project:

Almost 100.000 sq.m. of land.

An autonomous private luxury Villas Complex for high end clientele scattered on private beaches of the island, each with sustainable electricity and water capacity, private anchorages and e-vehicle connections and service;

A classic hotel complex with private beach facilities & restaurants; Private use seaways and connection to the reception and service / storage facilities across the sea in the mainland.

The legal Pre-Work:

A dozen of property acquisition contracts and various building permits in a Natura designated area.

8 private floating deck platforms for vessel mooring and one private use marina anchorage with the first ever relevant applications filed to the Ministries of Tourism and Marine.Almost 1.000 legal documents and contracts executed.

The investment:

A 20 mil EUR investment in tourism in the dawn of the then new law 4276/2014 on the reform of touristic enterprises.

A landmark investment for Northern Greece that our office fostered and implemented from dream to reality.